Cure' of Ars Single/Divorced Catholic Fellowship

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Age Range: 40+


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Cure' of Ars Church
9401 Mission Road

Leawood, KS 66206


The purpose of the Single/Divorced Catholic Fellowship (S/DCF) is to bring together all single people in the community for the sharing of fellowship, friendship, and faith. Our group formed in 1993.

Our membership goals are:

- To Serve the Single/Divorced Community and the S/DCF members by supporting each other in life circumstances, and by providing a safe, friendly, encouraging environment for sharing, learning, and fellowship.

- To Serve our Community by volunteering our services, time, and funds to worthy charitable causes or people in need.

Membership is open to the Community and is unlimited by faith, color, creed, and/or financial position. Members must be single and of good moral character and demonstrate willingness to promote and/or participate in S/DCF activities.

Our main meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at the school cafeteria behind the church. Our activities include weekly TGIFs at various restaurants, two annual dances, hayrides, dinners, game nights, sport events, caring and sharing, and charitable activities.

Newsletter fee: $10 per year.